Write about YOURSELF

About my life

I was born in Monterrey in the hospital Ginequito the day 19 novermber of 1999. That day all my family where exited about our born because me and my sister where together in the belly of my mother. My bothers where jumping about the exitement moment beause the 2 first little girls of the family where going to born. Since that day all of them love us a lot and theyalways wanna be with us all hold us in here arms. Now days there are also exited to have to beautiful girls in the family, we where a bendition.

My name is Rebeca but all my fiends call me Becky, I have 4 bothers and 1 sisters I love tehm so much without them I am nothing, is to fun to play with them in the afternoons, my parents arent together but I am happy because they are happy.

Now days I am in high school I meet a lot of friends they are so funny I have a lot of trust in them, thay are my life literatly.




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