My blogs means that every day I have to be in charge of it and write about the things i want the people know about it. My life now on is going so good because with the pass of the time I have been metting people that today are so important for me, I have pass to many problems but with my effort I have been pass through that thanks God.

Also one of my importants things in life is my family, my famiy is a blessing I cannot ask for more because only to have them aside me is enough I am so happy with it I have share almost all my life with them, they all know all about my life.

My friends I can´t ask for more they are my support of school, they are my all day laugh, thay are my life literally, when I am sad they help me with all my problems, They are always there for me, to listen all my travels, my problems I will not change them for anything.


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